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Jun 29 13

Handlebars.js – everyOther Helper

by arlo

For those not familiar with Handlebars.js. It’s a small templating engine built off of Mustache. The Helper Handlebars v1.0.rc.1 Usage Example: We want to “stripe” every 3 rows by adding a specific class to our <div>. You can also imagine an example where you are making a <table> and you want every 20 rows to [...]

Jun 20 13

Using PhantomJS on Shared Hosting like HostGator

by arlo

Installing PhantomJS If you are a shared account Hostgator user you know that Hostgator locks down your account fairly well. You don’t have access to install anything on your machine and if CPanel doesn’t give you an option you are back to square one. Well luckily for us, the awesome people at PhantomJS provide us [...]

Jun 16 13

Cache jQuery’s JSONP Calls

by arlo

This post assumes your server already responds with proper Expires and Cache headers. Short Answer You have to set both cache:true and jsonpCallback MUST be a string, e.g. jsonpCallback:’myCallback’ Long Answer First off, if you are not familiar with what it takes for you browser to cache a http call please read my previous post [...]

May 28 13

HTTP Requests And Your Browser’s Cache

by arlo

What is an HTTP request An HTTP request is when the browser needs to go back through the internet to retrieve a resource. This resource can be what is considered static or dynamic. Static resources are usually in the form of images, css or js files. Dynamic resources are usually serverside scripts like PHP, Perl, [...]

Jul 27 12

My Desktop Workflow

by arlo

I was asked to share my desktop workflow by’s blog. I really enjoyed writing about how I use my workstation and what shortcuts I have that save me lots of time throughout the day. In case you might be interested here is a link to that post. Tweet

May 12 12

My WordPress header.php Got Hacked –

by arlo

Today I went to see some analytics and noticed that traffic was unusually down. I went to a popular wiki page that usually drives a lot of traffic to check if my link was there. It sure was, but when I clicked on it chrome gave me a malware warning! XSS Hack (cross site scripting) [...]

May 5 12

Deploying Your Git Repo To Arvixe Web Hosting

by arlo

Git is rapidally becoming more and more popular and while is a great way to store your projects you will need a way to deploy your web app to your shared hosting. is one of the most affordable and reliable shared hosting providers I’ve come across and a perfect example for demonstrating how [...]

Feb 13 12

What Is Varnish Cache In Layman’s Terms

by arlo

Varnish is a reverse web proxy caching system. It basically acts as an operator or a security guard, by intercepting all web requests before they reach your web server (apache). How It Works Varnish stores it’s cache in memory and not so much on the hard drive. In doing so, it is able to serve [...]

Jan 28 12

Push Git Repo Into Shared Hosting Account Like Hostgator

by arlo

Many use 3rd party git hosting ( to host their git repos, but sometimes you’re not wanting to take your project to a social network. Sometimes your repo is for yourself, for your website and no one else. I want to run you through how to setup your Hostgator account with the configuration needed to [...]

Nov 7 11

Pre And Code Tags In Github Markdown

by arlo

Not sure if there is some hidden resource somewhere on their site or blog, but I couldn’t find how to get syntax highlighting with <pre> and <code> tags. Here is what I found out. Pre and Code Tags In Github Not sure when/where I found that you could use <pre> and <code> tags, but I [...]